It’s been almost a week since we released our new community Conversations, and we can’t get enough of the Photo Story posts that have been shared over the past few days. Thanks to this new feature, you can present your own stories in a more dynamic format, helping bring users one step closer to their fellow community members’ culinary experiences.

Whether you want to post one photo or a series of images, Photo Stories are perfect for sharing your culinary accomplishments, kitchen successes (and failures!), step-by-step directions to making your favorite dish, or even a meal play-by-play of your most recent dining adventure.

CHOW’s community has always been an incredible resource for insider tips and in-depth information on a wide range of topics—from trend discussions to comparisons of cooking equipment—and now you can consume this wealth of information in a more digestible way. So take out your camera (or smartphone) and start sharing, with CHOW’s new Photo Story feature!

Below are our top five Photo Stories of the week. We hope they inspire you to keep cooking, eating, shooting, and writing:

The beautiful images from L.Nightshade’s My Chowhound Wedding make us want to step up our food photography (and entertaining!) game.

Talk about travel inspiration: Chowhound henjef85’s Piemonte 2014, Part II highlights the simple pleasures of eating in Italy.

Cynsa’s Back to Hakka on a Sunday Afternoon is a great overview of dishes to order at Hakka Restaurant in San Francisco.

If you don’t have a rice cooker, it’s time to get one. Community member brainfood’s Experiment: Rice Cooker Pancake with Fruit shows how easy it is to make a dessert pancake in an everyday rice cooker.

The Dairy Queen addresses the topic of overplayed food trends in Attention Chefs: Can we all agree that bacon is over? Do you agree? Share your thoughts in the comments.

And since we’re hungry to hear your thoughts and see your food experiences, share your own Photo Story with us!

First three images from L.Nightshade; agnolotti photo by henjef85; Chinese bacon with preserved greens by Cynsa; baking ingredients by brainfood; waffle sandwich with bacon by The Dairy Queen

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