Los Angeles accessories designer Onch has an eye for bright, yummy things, the shiny artifacts of pop culture. Nicki Minaj wore Onch’s Rainbow Swirl Cone necklace at the 2011 MTV VMAs; you could rock his bacon-strip bracelet at the next PETA gala. In spring, candy boutique Sweet Los Angeles released Onch’s literally edible Monchie Bar ($7.99), white chocolate studded with gummy bears, Sour Patch Kids, and Fruity Pebbles cereal. It sounds giddy and ridiculous, a My Little Pony video you can nibble. So yeah, Monchie Bar checks all the boxes for fabulous, but it’s also really delicious. The white chocolate feels authentically luxurious against your tongue, and the mosaic of goodies has chew and crunch and a fruitiness that registers as ripe and rich. It works according to the principles of panforte or Christmas pudding, where perfume and fruity things elevate a single-note sweetness. Monchie Bar tastes like rainbows. You could build a unicorn trap and use it for bait, or cheer up the saddest person you know. It’s just good candy.

Photos and styling by Chris Rochelle

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