We live in the era of the pickle: quick fridge, lacto-fermented, water-bath canned. If it can be put up in a jar, you can preserve it. So stock up on vinegar and sterilize your Mason jars—we checked in with June’s Chowhound Home Cooking Dish of the Month and came away with these seven great recipes to get tangy with.

1. Chef Einat Admony’s cauliflower fridge pickles from Israel get a surprising punch of flavor from amba spice mix or chaat masala, both of which contain dried mango powder (amchoor). pagesinthesun

2. Pickled balsamic eggplant (melanzana balsamica) tastes great on a cheese or antipasto platter. The recipe works with any type of eggplant. weezieduzzit

3. Malaysian cucumber and carrot pickles from James Oseland’s Cradle of Flavor use a pungent flavoring paste that leans on ginger, turmeric, shallots, and vinegar to yield an intense, spicy preserve. Madrid

4. Candied jalapeños call for a sweet brine that contains cider vinegar, lime juice, and garlic. They add a sugary-hot kick to tacos or salsa. jpr54_1

5. To satisfy a Vietnamese banh mi craving at home, make the sandwich’s traditional topping, a sweet daikon and carrot pickle called do chua. This one’s from cookbook author Andrea Nguyen. Gio

6. Get a nutritional boost while using up that summer squash surplus via these Lacto-Fermented Zucchini Sticks. P_penelope

7. Store these tasty green bean fridge pickles, or start snacking after just one day. You’ll need: 1 1/2 cups water | 1 1/2 cups white vinegar | 1 tablespoon salt | 1 tablespoon coriander seed | 1/2 teaspoon black mustard seed | 2-inch strip of lemon peel | 2 minced garlic cloves | 1 large bunch fresh dill | 1 quart green beans. Method: In a saucepan, bring the water, vinegar, salt, coriander seed, black mustard seed, and lemon peel to a boil. Distribute the garlic and dill in sterilized canning jars and fill with green beans. Pour the boiling brine over the beans, screw the lids on the jars, and cool to room temp. Refrigerate for at least one day. JungMann

Pickle photo by Chris Rochelle

Leena Trivedi-Grenier is a Bay Area food writer and cooking teacher with an undying love for pot stickers. She earned her master’s in gastronomy from Le Cordon Bleu. Her writing appears on her blog Leena Eats and in various food-based encyclopedias.
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