Looking for a hunky charmer to flirt with in the kitchen? The search is over with Mannix, a highly charismatic Australian gourmet. We’d be happy to stay home and steam things with this looker.

On his website, The Love Bite, Mannix promotes “dating in”—skipping the overpriced restaurants and snobby attitudes in favor of a night at home with some “cheeky little taste sensations” that you whip up yourself. His menus are organized into “dates,” such as the Dirty Weekend, Breakfast in Bed, Thai Them Up, and Fromage Foreplay. All dates include shopping lists, notes on setting the mood, and fuss factor.

But it is on the website The Whole 9 that Mannix really comes into his own. The site itself is a social network for creatives who can date and check out each other’s portfolios (is that code, or are we really talking artwork here?). In their Stay In section, however, there is a series of cooking videos with Mannix where his charm is undeniable. He makes pumpkin and kaffir lime potstickers, a molten chocolate cake, a limoncello tiramisu (yum), and a grilled chicken and bell pepper frittata, among others.

Who can resist the wit and charm of a guy who, whilst arranging a cheese platter, describes Prosecco as “the flirty Italian cousin that champagne didn’t know she had?”

A note to the Food Network: Snap up this one fast! We want more Mannix.

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