Like deciding whether you should wear your turquoise or coral tank top, summer demands making tough calls (it isn’t all just hanging out by the pool). The same is true for which totally indulgent ice cream sundae you should pile up for yourself and your friends and the kids. Yesterday we showed you how to construct Kim Laidlaw’s chocolate s’mores sundaes, and today: strawberry. Of course, you could always venture off on your own and perform some kind of chocolate-strawberry hybrid (good Lord). Hey, it’s your summer. Make the most of it.

Kim Laidlaw’s Strawberry S’mores Sundaes
Makes 4 sundaes

Follow the steps for Kim Laidlaw’s S’mores Sundaes, only substitute strawberry ice cream for the dark chocolate ice cream. Add 2 layers of sliced strawberries on top of each scoop of ice cream.

Animated GIF by Chris Rochelle; styling by Kim Laidlaw

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