Luwak has coffee brewing down to a science. He says there are two main factors that determine the outcome, “dilution” and “extraction.” The strength of the coffee relies on the coffee-to-water ratio–the dilution. The quality of flavor depends on extraction, which is determined by how fine the coffee is ground, how long it steeps, and by the quality of the water itself.

Start with good, fresh coffee beans. For drip coffee makers, grind them to a consistency that allows the water to run through in about 4 minutes. Less than 3 minutes and the coffee is liable to be weak, more than 5 minutes and it may become bitter tasting.

The method:

Measure 2 tablespoons per 6 fluid ounces of brewing water. Calculate how long it takes for the brew to finish dripping through the filter. (The last few drops taste awful; don’t wait for those.) If it takes much more than the 4 minutes, try a coarser grind. Less than 3 minutes, grind it finer. Adjust the grind setting, or count the seconds you’re grinding, to get it just right.

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