Dimes, a bright, cozy café on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, makes one satisfying breakfast sandwich. As small h describes it on Chowhound, it’s got perfectly scrambled eggs, cheddar, avocado, and pickled peppers. There’s good hot sauce, too, more sweet than fiery.

Across the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn, Summers Juice & Coffee makes another standout egg sandwich (pictured). Like the one at Dimes, it includes cheddar and avocado; instead of peppers, though, it gets its kick from Sriracha. Sealing the deal is its pillowy, agreeably sweet Parker House roll, made by Manhattan breakfast destination Clinton Street Baking Company.

Dimes [Lower East Side]
143 Division Street (at Canal Street), Manhattan

Summers Juice & Coffee [Williamsburg]
155 S. Fourth Street (between Bedford and Driggs avenues), Brooklyn

Photo from Summers / Facebook

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