This week, Sam of Becks & Posh posted a roundup of entries from bloggers who took her up on her food-diary dare. Participants were supposed to photograph and chronicle everything they ate and drank for seven straight days, and at least 24 people were up to the challenge. Well, sorta—a lot of them fudged the drinking portion (“That’s probably for the best,” writes S’kat) and didn’t bother with repeat meals (“like leftover turkey soup or turkey sandwiches,” says Cookiecrumb). Many also found it hard to remember to snap a shot before digging in, and for some of the diarists, just knowing their food choices would be documented made them change their diets for more aesthetic appeal or to avoid embarrassment.

The strikingly different images and descriptions are fascinating—I’ve just spent nearly an hour drooling over them when I should be working, and I’m not one to get my head turned by just any old pretty food pic. It’s not even that all the diarists are amazing photographers, either; what makes this project so compelling to me is that it’s a window into an aspect of people’s lives that’s really, really private, even for bloggers who are used to writing about food every day (which is why I think that theme of embarrassment is so pervasive in people’s posts). Anyway, check it out, and be sucked into a highly enjoyable vortex.

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