A good hard-shell taco is a rare beast these days, especially in Silverlake. But DanaB was pleasantly surprised by Rick’s, a dive with a makeshift drive-through right near the 5 Freeway.

“The hard-shell taco was everything I’d want it to be–home-fried shell, kind of casually tasty meat, but stuffed with cheese, tomato, and lettuce, and served with a tasty red chile sauce. It was good. It was actually very good.”

Other than the tacos, the burgers are on par with Fatburger, and their chili cheese fries (with their chunky, meaty chili) are better. Onion rings and veggie burgers come off surprisingly well.

Cheap, tasty breakfasts are also popular–about $5 will fill you up. Try the breakfast burrito with bacon, or chorizo with eggs. Their potatoes are tops.

Rick’s Drive In & Out [Silverlake]
2400 Fletcher Dr., at Riverside Dr., Los Angeles

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I found the hard shell taco place in Silverlake —Ricks.

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