A charming little bistro called Mountain Bird flew under the radar for a time after opening last fall on an unlikely block of 145th Street. It’s since attracted some notice, and Chowhounds are on to Chef Kenichi Tajima’s refined cooking and poultry-centered menu, which ranges freely from cockscomb to gizzard to leg.

Winning dishes include expertly fried chicken schnitzel (pictured), a chicken duo of roasted breast and braised leg with turkey bacon and red wine sauce, and foie gras dumplings in deeply flavorful chicken consommé. “Imagine the best wonton soup with foie gras inside,” sam1 writes, “and you’re pretty much there.” A multibird spin on cassoulet—chicken comb, turkey sausage and bacon, duck leg and gizzard confit—is a don’t-miss feast for just $20, says JeffOverley, who finds Mountain Bird “definitely worth the trek uptown for Manhattanites. Very few places doing this style and caliber of bistro fare at such a low price point.”

Mountain Bird [Harlem]
231 W. 145th Street (between Seventh and Eighth avenues), Manhattan

Photo of Mountain Bird's chicken schnitzel (as served at brunch, with shrimp bisque mac 'n' cheese) by Mark Hokoda

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