All I know about Guam is that it has a lot of brown tree snakes. Oh, and once on TV I watched Guy Fieri eat some pretty sweet-looking Guamanian food from a truck in Portland (Guy called it the “Guam-Bomb-Dot-Com,” but that’s just Guy). Now I’ll be able to taste some pretty stepped-up Guamanian food in San Francisco.

Last month a chef named Shawn Naputi partnered with another guy from Guam, Shawn Camacho, to launch Prubechu in the Roxy’s old space on Mission Street (both have connections with Chef Manny Torres Gimenez). On Chowhound, hyperbowler reported on a recent $40 tasting-menu experience at Prubechu (five courses plus dessert) that included a raw-oyster amuse with coconut vinegar, corn soufflé with shrimp and asparagus, and achiote rice porridge with boquerones, pea shoots, pork belly, quail eggs, and smoked pork. Talk about the Guam bomb.

Prubechu [Mission]
2847 Mission Street (near 24th Street), San Francisco

Photo by Chowhound member hyperbowler

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