Australian celebrity chef Curtis Stone, best known as the host on Bravo’s Top Chef Masters, opened his very first restaurant in Beverly Hills last month.

Maude’s $75, nine-course prix-fixe menu is inspired by a single ingredient each month. The early word on Chowhound calls it a steal, considering the cost of other fine-dining tasting menus around town.

Thanks to Stone’s TV stardom, you wouldn’t expect Maude to fly under the radar, even in early days. Food & Wine, Forbes, and the LA Times are already talking about it, as are Chowhounds. ‘Hound dbchun snagged a table during Maude’s first tasting in February, which featured citrus. “Everything was really incredible,” says dbchun, noting the “stand out” carrot soup, chicken leg terrine, and Duck Duck Goose (duck ravioli with smoked goose fat and grated cured egg yolk, with finger lime beurre blanc).

Despite new-kid-on-the-block status, Maude seems to have already hit its stride with service: dbchun notes how the staff did a great job answering lots of questions about the dishes. So far, it looks like Stone’s first restaurant is a winner.

Photo by Chowhound member dbchun

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