Greater LA offers up so many burgers you could eat a different one every day for three-plus years and still not manage to plow through every one.

With such an endless roster, it can be overwhelming to choose a burger binge spot. Luckily, this Chowhound discussion has made the hunt more manageable by narrowing the search to just the Westside. The list ranges from “classic hamburger stands” to “nouveau” and “restaurant” burgers.

So who slings the Westside’s tastiest burger? Father’s Office, Hole in the Wall, Fab, Smashburger, and The Apple Pan are all contenders.The Golden State on Fairfax gets a number of mentions, though with mixed reviews. Still, TonyC thinks it “should be the new default California burger. Everything is right about it.”

Photo of The Golden State burger by Flickr member djjewelz under Creative Commons

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