Takashi earned its Chowhound cred by going big with beef, so it makes sense that when this Japanese barbecue house started making ramen in December, it chose to feature steer instead of the customary pig. Served by reservation only after midnight on Fridays and Saturdays, it stars a deep, rich beef broth that takes 24 hours to brew, as well as unique toppings of crunchy, mineral-y beef intestine and tender, long-braised beef belly that beats any pork chashu that valcfield‘s tried. The soup comes in the original flavor or “Grandma’s Spicy” version with chile paste.

Ramen isn’t the only news at Takashi, which just rolled out a “cheek to oxtail” flight of 16 cuts of beef, heavy on the offal, to be grilled at table. The so-called Cow Experience costs $30 a person and, like the ramen, must be reserved ahead of time.

Takashi [West Village]
456 Hudson Street (between Morton and Barrow streets), Manhattan

Photo from Takashi / Facebook

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