A bakery that calls itself Eclair had better make really good éclairs. Happily, Chowhounds who’ve tried them have no complaints. In fact, Monica declares them the best she’s had Stateside, just sweet enough and distinguished by an outstanding shell. The praline flavor’s her favorite, followed closely by plain, maple-walnut, and passion fruit. Other ‘hounds single out the proper crème pâtissière filling. Opened four months ago by Paris-trained pâtissier Stephane Pourrez, Eclair also makes first-rate croissants and financiers. But for ipsedixit‘s money, the standout sweet is the King Cake, a light, airy rendition of the northern French galette des rois, nicely caramelized on top and filled with delicious frangipane with a hint of rum. “Go for the éclairs, stay for the King Cake,” she suggests.

Eclair Bakery [Midtown East]
305 E. 53rd Street (near Second Avenue), Manhattan

Photo from Eclair Bakery / Facebook

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