Since 2006, one discussion in particular has been burning up the Chowhound Home Cooking board. Recipes You’ve Never Heard of Outside Your Family is an ongoing collection of offbeat things users grew up eating, from funky processed-food mashups of the 1970s to quirky snack obsessions of the 1980s. CHOW’s Chris Rochelle is photo-documenting some especially vivid snacks in the discussion thread.

Today’s funky family snack: hot dog pancakes, from Chowhound fredamoon.

The genius behind these protein-studded flapjacks? Her mom. “She prepared them exactly the same way one makes banana pancakes, by pouring batter on the griddle, then pressing sliced rounds of hot dogs into it, so that they brown while the batter cooks.”

“They taste like pigs in a blanket, but require even less work. Nevertheless, everyone who has ever seen me prepare these has found them completely bizarre. I’ve learned to only share them with my most trusted friends.” You’re among friends here, fredamoon. No judgments.

Other funky snacks in this series:
Baloney Cups with Taters and Cheese

Check back for more secret family snacks, and tell us about the weird and delicious snacks lurking in your past.

Photos and animated GIF by Chris Rochelle

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