Eim Khao Mun Kai knows what it’s about: Hainan chicken rice, the only dish it serves. The twist at this signless storefront, which opened just over a month ago in Elmhurst, Queens, is that its spin on this southern Chinese street bite is Thai—as Chowhounds have discerned from the spot-on fixings, including chiles and robust ginger-garlic soy sauce.

For many ‘hounds, this dish succeeds or fails with the rice, and Polecat gives it a strong thumbs-up, describing it as fresh, aromatic, and tasty. He’s less impressed by the poached chicken—mostly white meat, some dark, plus some slivers of liver—which could’ve been more tender. But another ‘hound, AubWah, says the seasonings carry the day: “When mixed together with the chicken and rice, it took my taste buds places they’d never been in the United States.”

Photo by Polecat

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