My God. Even in space, where they can’t hear you say “Yum-o,” you can’t escape from the culinary juggernaut that is Rachael Ray.

According to USA Today, Ray’s personally prepared meals will be winging their way to places dark and cold on the December 7 launch of the space shuttle Discovery. Ray has prepared a Thai chicken dish along with two others, and when Discovery commander Mark Polansky appeared on Ray’s talk show, he opined that the chicken was “great.”

“The meals will make ‘a nice … psychological twist for our crew members,’ says NASA food systems manager Vickie Kloeris.” I would kill to know what exactly was said inside that ellipsis.

For those of you keeping track of all the space food firsts this year, the December 7 trip marks the first time that “food celebrity” meals will fly on the shuttle.

Eh, wake me up when they finally invent a bona fide food replicator.

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