America likes its cookies sugary and its crackers, Ritz excepted, not. English biscuits blur the distinction. When Britain left India in 1947, they didn’t take their biscuits, but they did leave a door open for an Indian-made counterpart to declare its independence from the Raj. Today, Parle-G biscuits (short for Parle Glucose) are the best-selling biscuits on the planet. Bay Area Indian-American chef Preeti Mistry, our February Kitchen Coach, turned us onto them when she took us spice shopping (they were one of her favorite snacks as a kid). Crisp and rectangular, they’re baked much darker than either Yankee crackers or Anglo biscuits, toasty in a way that redeems the Nilla-wafer smarminess in their soul. I ate pretty much a whole sleeve one day at my desk, cursing the lack of chai wallahs around here.

Parle-G Original Gluco Biscuits, $2.10

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What should my next snack crush be? Let me know.

Photo by Chris Rochelle

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