Sherry has developed a questionable reputation as cooking wine or the tame tipple for genteel ladies, but it’s recently found a home on the cocktail menu. Sherries range dramatically in color, flavor, and sweetness, making them versatile mixers—they can stand up as a cocktail’s defining flavor or stay in the background to lend depth and shading. There are four classifications of sherry: Pale, delicate fino is the driest. Manzanilla is dry with a hint of saltiness. Medium-dry amontillado has a nutty flavor. And oloroso, also called cream or golden sherry, is dark and sweet. We developed these four sherry cocktails to celebrate the character of each.

Alpha Omega (Fino)Alpha Omega (Fino)

Sherry Splash (Manzanilla)Sherry Splash (Manzanilla)

Hot Mulled Sherried Apple Cider (Amontillado)Hot Mulled Sherried Apple Cider (Amontillado)

The Aphrodite (Oloroso)The Aphrodite (Oloroso)

Photos by Chris Rochelle /

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