DIY Holiday Popcorn Trio

Assembling beautiful Christmas cookie plates for holiday gifting is nice, but if you can’t bake or don’t have the time, give flavored popcorn combos instead. They’re just as thoughtful, and if you throw a savory flavor into the mix, it can offer a little relief from all the holiday sweets. Our combo includes a peanut-caramel corn called Cracky Snack, a cheesy popcorn, and a version of kettle corn that isn’t excessively sweet. For an all-savory mix, try black sesame and mustard, Parmigiano–black pepper, or Frenchified popcorn. And for family and friends who appreciate a little kick, throw in spicy cinnamon-sugar popcorn.

Easy Kettle CornEasy Kettle Corn

Cracky SnackCracky Snack

Cheesy PopcornCheesy Popcorn

Photos by Chris Rochelle /

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