With the show’s third season already skimming away the scum that was a rather unpalatable second season and leaving us with a beautiful consommé more akin to the first season, could the timing be more perfect that Desperate Housewives is now releasing a companion cookbook, The Desperate Housewives Cookbook: Juicy Dishes and Saucy Bits?

If that title hasn’t already made you queasy, then you will likely enjoy what this cookbook, divided into sections representing each housewife, has to offer. You can choose to cook like time-challenged Lynette (and hope that a recipe for Ritalin Rillettes isn’t included) or brain-challenged Susan (just don’t go borrow a cup of arson from the friendly neighborhood trollop). Personally, I would be geared more toward Bree’s opulent and time-consuming dishes, like saltimbocca and braised duck, or Edie’s champagne-and-cream-poached oysters and Pasta Puttanesca (talk about type-cooking). Finally, though it may be difficult to conceive where Gabby stashes food of any sort on her tiny frame, her character’s calorie-conscious dishes range from shrimp with chorizo to the predictable smoothie.

In related news, the ABC Network and Desperate Houswives are partnering up with Share Our Strength, a national organization dedicated to fighting childhood hunger, in the “Desperate for Dinner National Cook-Off” promotion.

As part of its launch of The Desperate Housewives Cookbook: Juicy Dishes and Saucy Bits, ABC and Desperate Housewives will search for the best dinner recipe in America by holding online recipe contests through participating affiliates. The promotion will help raise money for Share Our Strength’s fight to end childhood hunger.

The recipe contest, which started on September 11, will continue until October 13. On November 13, the finalists will compete on Good Morning America for all sorts of culinary prizes, which include cast-signed copies of The Desperate Housewives Cookbook. The big winner gets her dish cooked on an ep of Desperate Housewives. We suggest whipping up something that goes well with soap-flavored melodrama.

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