Need hot chocolate without all the calories? These recommendations go a long way toward cutting down on the sugar or fat, without sacrificing good chocolaty flavor.

Swiss Miss Sugar-Free with Calcium, sweetened with Splenda, is good stuff, says tenacity, and only 25 calories a packet.

Katielp highly recommends Cadbury’s Highlights hot chocolate. It has the richness amd milkiness of a full-fat Cadbury chocolate bar, but only 40 calories a packet. Order here.

Maestra mixes up her own using a good unsweetened cocoa like Droste, a dash of cinnamon and a few drops of vanilla, and sweetens with about 1/3 sugar and 2/3 Stevia. (Stevia is a plant that is about 20 times sweeter than sugar. You can buy it at Trader Joe’s in a shaker bottle. It’ll last you a very long time and really cuts down on calories.)

Yogi Tea’s cocoa spice tea has a nice chocolaty flavor, says rose water.

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