Leaf Cuisine, a (mostly) raw and vegan restaurant, is a good choice for anyone looking to eat light, says Poorwater, who likes their wraps and salads. You can build your own wraps and salads using nine kinds of filling.

For something more filling, go for the croquettes, “delicately dehydrated until crispy on the outside, soft and yummy on the inside,” as the menu says.

The croquettes are pretty tasty, and come with flavorful sauces. There’s veggie sunburger (vegetable-seed croquettes with sweet, tangy tomato sauce), Bombay burrito (lentil croquettes with coconut-curry sauce), and Mediterranean medley (sun-dried tomato and walnut croquettes with spinach pesto).

In salad form, these come topped with tomatoes, sprouts and greens. (The house dressing, a creamy ginger-shoyu, is delish.) In a wrap, they’re rolled up in a collard leaf (default) or a sprouted grain tortilla.

Wraps and salads average about $10. They also have appetizers, soups, and other entrees.

Also in the area is Leonor’s, a vegetarian Mexican place. The food is fresh, clean and satisfying, says Poorwater, though you’ll probably want to add salt and hot sauce. In addition to the usual Mexican fare, they also have pizza, burgers, and salads. Oh yes, “burgers.” They use fake meat and soy cheese–not like the real thing, but kind of tasty in its own way. Fake chicken, for example, is a lot like a salty matzoh ball.

Leaf Cuisine [East San Fernando Valley]
14318 Ventura Blvd., at Beverly Glen, Sherman Oaks

Leaf Cuisine [Culver City-ish]
11938 Washington Blvd., Culver City

Leonor’s Vegetarian Restaurant [East San Fernando Valley]
11403 Victory Blvd., North Hollywood

Leonor’s Vegetarian Mexican Restaurant [East San Fernando Valley]
12445 Moorpark St. # C, at Whitsett, Studio City

Leonor Restaurant [East San Fernando Valley]
5217 Laurel Canyon Blvd., Valley Village

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