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This climate-change thing is getting out of hand. Grand Central Oyster Bar‘s annual herring festival, a brief and avidly anticipated celebration of newly matured fish from the North Sea, was postponed by two weeks this year after Dutch authorities found that the hollandse nieuwe, as they’re called, were fattening up more slowly than normal. It seems the coldest spring in decades retarded their growth, delaying the start of the season for just the second time ever.

This week, finally, the young herring are here. Through July 10, they’ll be flown in daily from Scheveningen, lightly brined, and served with chopped egg and onion. “One of the greatest things at the Oyster Bar,” jcmods says on Chowhound. “Of course, it is an excuse to eat oysters and clams too, and to wash it down with Dutch genever.”

The hollandse nieuwe are also expected to make an appearance at Russ & Daughters, the venerable smoked-fish shop downtown. Slurp down a fillet or two right at the counter with chopped onion, small h suggests. Or take your bounty to First Park, the little green space across Houston Street, and enjoy it alfresco.

Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant [Grand Central]
In Grand Central Terminal, Lower Concourse, Manhattan

Russ & Daughters [Lower East Side]
179 E. Houston Street (between Allen and Orchard streets), Manhattan

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Photo from Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant

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