Roogla New York

The coffee scene on Brooklyn’s Smith Street just got an overdue upgrade with the arrival of Roogla. The coffee’s “freaking great,” says HungryWino, a Chowhound and self-described caffeine freak who compares the three-week-old café to ‘hound-endorsed java joints like Blue Bottle, Café Pedlar, and Joe Coffee.

Roogla uses beans roasted by the well-regarded Intelligentsia, but what really sets it apart is rare high-end hardware: a Steampunk brewing machine (pictured), touted for superior temperature control, that “behaves like a responsive and emotionally intelligent coffee robot,” HungryWino says. Peter Cuce, a coffee savant who’s taken a peek under the hood, pegs it as a combination of French press and siphon technology. The result is some of the best coffee in the neighborhood, adds Peter, who sampled a clean-tasting cup of Salvadoran and also a well-pulled espresso shot. He faults only the presentation: “I don’t get why he has this zillion-dollar machine and puts the end result in a paper cup. I hope that changes.”

Roogla [Boerum Hill]
180 Smith Street (at Warren Street), Brooklyn

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Photo from Roogla / Facebook

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