South Bay restaurant Manresa, proud holder of two Michelin stars, recently announced the dates for its annual Tomato Modernista event: September 21 and 22. The dinner showcases tomatoes from Love Apple Farms, the Santa Cruz operation that supplies all of the restaurant’s produce. Dinner at Manresa is both an event and an investment, so the announcement got Chowhounds talking about whether this occasion is worth the price tag.

Diners say that the restaurant can be uneven, with surprising mistakes for a place of its caliber. But bbulkow says a seat at a special dinner series improves the odds of a good experience: The extra planning and staff mean a more seamless experience than you might expect on a random night, allowing you to focus on Chef David Kinch’s work, which bbulkow says has influenced the menus at Saison, AQ, and the dearly departed Ubuntu.

Manresa [South Bay]
320 Village Lane, Los Gatos

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Photo from Manresa

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