Bob's Market Los Angeles

Bob’s Market in Santa Monica opened its doors in 1965, and local ‘hounds say the business sets the standard for a neighborhood grocer, with exemplary customer service, a meat department stocked with quality cuts and about 20 types of house-made sausage, and a hot deli case that has some of the best takeout options in the area. The workers may even sing a tune or two as they assemble your sandwich.

“I love everything about that place,” says spoonlicker, who visits frequently for prepared lunch foods like the Southwestern chicken salad and the chicken-and-fries special. Chowhound cujo is another fan of the hot food bar, especially the baby back ribs with “lots of good tender meat,” and a stellar turkey chili that’s heavier on the turkey than the beans. For out-of-towners, Bob’s is a good option for picnic supplies before heading to Santa Monica Beach. Lunch can also be enjoyed on the newish outdoor patio (pictured).

Don’t forget to check out the bakery section stocked with lots of fresh items from Tarzana’s beloved Bea’s Bakery. Chowhound bulavinaka made a trip specifically for the pastries—the cakey black and white cookie is great, as is the alligator cake—and cujo loves that customers can get a half-loaf of bread if they prefer. “Try that at Gelson’s. No way.”

Bob’s Market [Santa Monica]
1650 Ocean Park Boulevard, Santa Monica

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Photo from Bob’s Market / Facebook

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