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Brooklyn Fire Proof is chiefly a place for making and sharing art, but it turns out some visitors are also there for the hamburgers. BFP East, the café and bar at this art, film, and music center in Bushwick, flips “the burger of heaven,” LindaGriggs reports on Chowhound. “It was superb,” she writes: perfectly cooked and tucked into a fresh brioche bun with avocado, roasted jalapeño, arugula, and Sriracha aioli (pictured). “Sitting outside at the picnic tables on a lovely evening was delightful,” adds Linda, who also caught an artists’ presentation and glimpsed a cool waterfall swing installation. Combine an expedition to the local galleries with a refueling stop at BFP East if you’re up for a multidisciplinary adventure.

There’s little adventure afoot at Lafayette in Manhattan—unless you count the sharp-elbowed sport of scoring a table at this NoHo hot spot. But Chef Andrew Carmellini’s bistro, bakery, and bar does make a ‘hound-worthy hamburger: a loosely packed patty of ground brisket, topped with raclette and caramelized onions, and served in a toasted brioche roll. Cooked as ordered to a spot-on medium-rare, it was “the best burger I’ve had in years,” michele cindy writes. It’s a winner, agrees kathryn, who also recommends Lafayette’s Pampelmousse cocktail: gin, Lillet Rosé, grapefruit, lime, mint, and Campari.

The potables aren’t so posh at Simon’s Steaks in Staten Island. But if you’re lucky, this little sandwich shack across from the ferry terminal will come through with a bargain burger that’s hard to beat. It can be hit-or-miss, siwinelover advises, “but when they hit [it’s] SOOOOOO juicy and delish, and when they miss, [it’s] cheap enough to forgive!”

BFP East [Bushwick]
At Brooklyn Fire Proof, 119 Ingraham Street (at Porter Avenue), Brooklyn

Lafayette [NoHo]
380 Lafayette Street (at Great Jones Street), Manhattan

Simon’s Steaks [Staten Island]
40 Richmond Terrace (between Wall and Schuyler streets), Staten Island

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Lafayette – Lunch, Best Burger
Dinner at Lafayette
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Photo by Mark Hokoda

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