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Where to go for flavorful ramen or who has the best sashimi are oft-debated topics on the LA Chowhound board, but another Japanese dish that’s well-represented in the area and deserves attention is okonomiyaki, a savory, pancakelike item that’s generally made with flour, nagaimo yam, water, and cabbage, plus any requested add-ins. In a recent discussion, ‘hound bulavinaka divulged her favorite spot for the treat: Doya Doya Okonomiyaki in Torrance.

The menu at Doya Doya offers multiple versions of okonomiyaki, but bulavinaka was impressed with the day’s special made with egg, pork, and cheese: Ingredients were fresh, the eggs sweet in flavor, and the center of each pancake fluffy and supple—an achievement that reflected the skill of the kitchen staff in bulavinaka’s mind. “I’m guessing the chef has mastered the folding in of the batter and nagaimo,” she said.

Sticking with tradition, Doya Doya serves its okonomiyaki on piping hot skillets and next to condiments of seaweed, mayo, and katsuoboshi. “The presentation and the serving temperature is pretty much what you would get in many oko bars in Japan,” says bulavinaka. Other dishes include yakisoba and omu soba, soba noodles wrapped in a layer of egg.

Doya Doya Okonomiyaki [South Bay]
2140 Artesia Boulevard #N
, Torrance

Discuss: Doya Doya Okonomiyaki – Kansai-style Okonomiyaki

Photo by Flickr member johnwilliamsphd under Creative Commons

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