Sometimes a simple toaster is all you need—nothing fancy, just a straightforward machine that makes crunchy toast every time. So which toasters are the best?

Dualit toasters get a lot of love from Chowhounds, though they are pricey. Antilope recommends the Dualit Classic. Sherri agrees; her Dualit is “a workhorse and will probably outlive me,” she says. She only wishes she’d opted for a four-slice model over a two-slice, to simultaneously toast two English muffins!

However, tim irvine has had bad experiences with Dualit toasters—specifically, elements of the toaster deteriorating and failing to toast properly. The first model that broke on him had a mechanical timer, but the replacement model has a chip sensor instead, which he hates. “I just want a toaster with nothing resembling a microchip in it,” tim irvine says.

ATL_Brad has had three years of great toast with his Hatco stainless-steel toaster—at $149 three years ago, the Hatco was 40 percent cheaper than the comparable Dualit model, he says.

Chowhound kaleokahu‘s solution is a vintage Sunbeam model T-20. They’re not currently in production, but there are plenty available on the secondhand market. “They were unbelievably advanced for 1950, more so now,” kaleokahu says. “For just straight toast, they’re coin of the realm.”

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Photo by Flickr user Martin Cathrae under Creative Commons

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