When Ludo Lefebvre announced that his LudoBites pop-up series would go the way of the dodo, fans eagerly awaited the chef’s next move. After months of preparation and speculation, Lefebvre is back in action, this time at a permanent shop aptly named Trois Mec (“three guys”) where he works alongside Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo (Animal, Son of a Gun).

As was true with LudoBites, snagging a table at Trois Mec requires promptness: Dining tickets are released at set times via the restaurant’s website and are usually gone in a matter of minutes. Unlike LudoBites, where diners could order off an a la carte menu, Trois Mec guests must pay for their meal in advance. A five-course dinner (which includes multiple amuse-bouches) costs just under $100 per person, tax and gratuity included.

While the pay system has its detractors, others see it as a means to an end: The kitchen knows precisely how many mouths it will feed each night and can plan accordingly. And in Ciao Bob’s opinion, allowing the three star chefs to focus on the quality of the food at Trois Mec is paying off already. “The whole meal was a treat,” he says. The menu changes frequently, but some favorite dishes from the past month include buckwheat popcorn, barbecued carrots with orange, watercress, yogurt, and avocado, and potato pulp with browned butter, bonito, and onion soubise.

Trois Mec [Hollywood]
716 N. Highland Avenue, Los Angeles
No phone available

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Photo of Ludo Lefebvre from Ludo Lefebvre / Facebook

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