So juicing is a thing. Practitioners range from DIYers who occasionally liquefy a sheaf of kale to the sort of person who has bottles of cucumber-watercress delivered each morning. Juices are expensive, so look to Chowhounds to tell you where to find quality for the price.

Pressed Juicery is an LA-based chain with locations in and near San Francisco. Chowhound user dunstable sampled most of their juices at the Noe Valley location and says they taste OK, if spinach-kale juice is your thing, though there are some fruity options. The product isn’t cheap or exclusively organic.

Project: Juice sells cold-pressed varieties at a pop-up out of The Station, a coffee bar near Jackson Square. Cold-pressing means the company uses hydraulic pressure to extract, and calumin says it results in a fresh-tasting product.

• The owners of Sow are former Blue Bottle employees who took a tip from the third-wave coffee movement to produce made-to-order juice. Check out their locally sourced produce on display before heirloom herbs and greens are liquefied and poured into your cup. While you’re there, someone order me a coffee, kale on the side.

Pressed Juicery [Embarcadero]
One Ferry Building, San Francisco

Pressed Juicery at Marin Country Mart [North Bay]
2257 Larkspur Landing Circle, Larkspur

Pressed Juicery [Noe Valley]
3901 24th Street, San Francisco

Project: Juice at The Station [Jackson Square]
596 Pacific Avenue, San Francisco

Sow [Dogpatch]
2490 Third Street, San Francisco

Discuss: Pressed Juicery – SF Ferry Bldg, who’s tried it?

Photo from Sow

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