In a city where good Taiwanese food, both savory and sweet, can be hard to find, Yeh’s Bakery in Flushing has emerged as a destination for connoisseurs of island treats. A popular specialty is the Boston pie (pictured), a spin on the Boston cream pie that’s a world apart from the original. It’s a supremely delicate, fluffy sponge cake filled with airy cream custard sweetened with a light hand, like many Asian desserts. “While it’s really simple,” Lau reports on Chowhound, “this is one of the best cakes I’ve had in an Asian bakery even in Asia.”

This tiny shop doesn’t offer a huge selection, but most things it does sell are choice. Another specialty is the tea roll, an arrestingly green but subtly flavored cake with a layer of barely sweet vanilla cream. A traditional rarity, even in Taiwan, is the sun cake, or tai yang bing. Yeh’s version, known in English as a honey cake, is a flaky circular pastry with a malt sugar filling and an appealing honey flavor.

Yeh’s is one of the older businesses in the fast-growing mini-Chinatown of Queensboro Hill, around a mile south of downtown Flushing. The neighborhood’s already gotten attention for ‘hound-worthy Taiwanese and Cantonese cooking, so Lau suggests that you come for lunch and grab dessert at Yeh’s.

Yeh’s Bakery [Flushing]
57-25 Main Street (between 57th Road and 58th Avenue), Flushing, Queens

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Photo by LauHound

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