Chowhounds fell hard for Xi’an Famous Foods well before it was famous, and they’ve since cheered its swift expansion from a basement food court in Queens to busy stores in Brooklyn and downtown Manhattan. Now Midtown’s getting a taste of cumin lamb burgers (pictured), spicy and tingly hand-ripped noodles, and other central Chinese street eats.

Aside from some excellent Sichuan, this part of town isn’t known for distinctive regional Chinese chow, so the Midtown lunch crowd is already queueing up at Xi’an’s three-week-old shop on 45th. Early word from ‘hounds is that the spicy tiger vegetable salad is as refreshing and bracing as ever.

Xi’an Famous Foods [Midtown]
24 W. 45th Street (between Fifth and Sixth avenues), Manhattan

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Photo from Xi’an Famous Foods

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