The Little Italy centered on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx could also lay claim to being the city’s Little Albania. One edible sign of the neighborhood’s long-standing, mostly low-profile Balkan presence has been the Chowhound-endorsed burek at Tony & Tina’s Pizzeria—a savory stuffed pastry served with tart house-made yogurt. Now there’s a worthy challenger, NewYorkNewHaven tells fellow ‘hounds: Giovanni’s Brick Oven Pizza just down the street.

Giovanni’s—not affiliated with other restaurants of the same name around the Bronx, according to the staff—raises the burek bar with flakier, crisper pastry and beef, spinach, and cheese fillings made with uncommon care, as reported by Serious Eats. It also makes bureks more frequently than the competition and doesn’t resort to nuking them. “More flavorful, fresher fillings, better phyllo, no threat of microwave, and a wood-fired oven,” NewYorkNewHaven sums up. Note that the burek guy isn’t always in the house, so you might call ahead if you’re planning a special trip to Arthur Avenue.

Giovanni’s Brick Oven Pizza [Bronx]
2343 Arthur Avenue (between E. 186th and 184th streets), Bronx

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Photo by Mark Hokoda

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