Hunan House, a Chowhound discovery in Flushing, has closed its doors—maybe temporarily, maybe for good—so Traditional Hunan Style comes along at an opportune time. Flanked by Fuzhou and Wenzhou restaurants on the pan-Chinese smorgasbord of 40th Road, it opened three months ago with an authentic menu executed by a chef from Hengyang, Hunan.

One standout on that menu, scoopG reports on Chowhound, is white jalapeño Chinese preserved meat: smoky, spicy pork belly with garlic and peppers. Another is succulent steamed Chinese eggplant topped with salted-egg yolk. Fish head with pepper is nearly half a fish, steamed and served in light pickled-chile sauce that’s terrific over rice. Flounder and silky bean curd in spicy broth gets welcome textural contrast from a sprinkling of ground peanut. Sour green beans—pickled for two weeks in vinegar with chile and other spices—are tossed with minced pork in a rewarding house special. The restaurant’s Chinese name plays on a popular expression that means “progress every day,” scoopG says—which could just as well describe what’s happening on 40th Road these days.

Right across the street there’s a Sichuan newcomer, Xin Yue, opened so recently that beribboned good-luck plants still grace the entrance, but what caught wewwew‘s eye was King of Duck Neck, a street-side stall in front that may or may not be affiliated with the restaurant. He tried duck feet and was royally impressed: “Low medium hot and not at all like the Cantonese dim sum duck feet I am used to. Good snack. I’ll try other offerings.”

Traditional Hunan Style [Flushing]
135-23 40th Road (between Prince and Main streets), Flushing, Queens

Xin Yue Sichuan Restaurant [Flushing]
135-28 40th Road (between Prince and Main streets), Flushing, Queens

King of Duck Neck [Flushing]
135-28 40th Road (between Prince and Main streets), Flushing, Queens
No phone available

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Duck Neck King on Prince st. near Main

Photo from Traditional Hunan Style / Facebook

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