Both shark fin and foie gras have been banned in California, and since the regulations went into effect you’ll find neither fin nor foie on restaurant menus here. But Chowhound user Dustin_E was wondering if it’s also illegal to bring these items into the state?

The sale of foie gras—the fattened liver of a duck or goose—was banned in July 2012, but you can have it delivered from an out-of-state producer or travel into the state with it. The website of one producer, D’Artagnan, notes that Californians are not permitted to resell their bounty at home, so bootleggers beware.

Shark fin is another matter: The state’s multistage bill bans the sale, trade, or possession of it, so you’ll need to go elsewhere for your shark fin soup.

Discuss: Bringing foie gras and/or shark fin into California.

Image of shark fin soup by Flickr member jmurawski under Creative Commons

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