Great fried chicken is properly cooked so that it’s crisp but greaseless outside and moist and juicy inside, with lots of flavor. Newly minted fried chicken cook lsmutko has the texture down, but appealed to Chowhounds for help in pumping up the flavor.

Most recipes call for seasoning the flour used to coat the chicken with dried spices like garlic powder and cayenne, as well as salt and pepper. However, wyogal thinks it’s more important to heavily season the chicken itself, or its marinade if you use one. SimonSaysWoof‘s go-to recipe, deviled fried chicken, is marinated in buttermilk flavored with Dijon mustard, ground mustard, onion powder, and cayenne, and he says it never disappoints.

Another way to ensure flavorful results is to soak the chicken in a highly seasoned brine before frying. Chowhound mscoffee1 is a fan of Michael Ruhlman’s recipe, which begins with a brine spiked with rosemary, garlic, and lemon. And Thomas Keller’s famous Ad Hoc fried chicken, which gets lots of love from ‘hounds, uses a brine seasoned with honey and several fresh herbs as well as lemon and garlic. It’s a foolproof recipe if followed to the letter, producing “hands down the absolute best fried chicken I’ve ever had,” twyst says.

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Photo of CHOW’s Basic Buttermilk Fried Chicken by Chris Rochelle /

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