Knife storage is a perennial problem: How to keep knives accessible without damaging them, while avoiding injury to household members? A countertop knife block is a common solution. But what about a drawer insert to hold knives? That’s what kengk has used for 15 years without problems; in his case, counter space is more valuable than drawer space. And that’s the crux of the trade-off, hill food says: Are you more pressed for storage space or surface space?

DuffyH used a wooden drawer insert designed to hold individual knives, and found the drawbacks outweighed the benefits. Losing a drawer is a pain, but so is having to open a drawer to access your knives. Then there’s the dulling issue. “Every time I pulled a knife from its slot, I could feel some drag,” DuffyH says. “I’d rather dull my knives on food than wood.”

There’s an elegant solution to this dulling problem, however, as long as everyone with access to the drawer is diligent about safety: Store the knives sharp-side up, seattle_lee says.

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Photo by Flickr member chadmagiera under Creative Commons

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