Chimi Mundo

Back in 2009, a family of road warriors who ran food trucks for years found a place to park: Chimi Mundo, a Dominican-and-beyond Latin spot in Bushwick. The namesake chimi (pictured) is a delicious mess of a sandwich in a pressed, griddled roll—the menu calls it a “Dominican burger”—containing a thin beef patty, American cheese, onion, tomato, cabbage, and a ketchup-based house sauce with a touch of citrus. Order a second patty to beef it up further, ChiefHDB suggests on Chowhound.

Tacos are terrific and well stuffed, says jonkyo, who put away a crispy, creamy thing filled with moist pork and a generous yet balanced mix of guacamole and other add-ons. Among other things, the rest of the snackish menu offers excellent Dominican blood sausage; fried stuff like cassava (yuca) and plantain (tostones or maduros); eggs, hot cakes, and other breakfast fare; and Colombian-inspired salchi pollo: chicken layered with fries in a kitchen-sink feed with pineapple, “other vegetation and sauce,” as jonkyo puts it, and a spackling of melted cheese. “I dig this place,” adds ChiefHDB, who recommends the fried bulgur bites called quipes, a variation on Middle Eastern kibbeh (though they’re often sold out).

Chimi Mundo keeps the party going as late as 6 a.m., its bright colored lights a beacon to nibbleish night crawlers. “There is a lot of character in the establishment,” jonkyo writes, “always with a nice mix of Latin music and of course the friendly people who run this cozy place. They have plenty of happy regulars.”

Chimi Mundo [Bushwick]
1550 Myrtle Avenue (between Gates Avenue and Palmetto Street), Brooklyn

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Photo from Chimi Mundo / Facebook

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