“Quality Ingredients. Perfectly Executed.” That’s the tag line for Oakland’s new Tribune Tavern. The early word on Chowhound suggests the three-week-old restaurant is living up to its slogan.

The space is striking (it’s a former Oakland Tribune newsroom). And Chef Huw Thornton’s menu of gastropub classics like steaks and potted meats succeeds on excellent ingredients and careful seasoning—even the Welsh rarebit is good. Robert Lauriston thinks the fried chicken rivals the highly praised version at another new Oakland restaurant, Miss Ollie’s. And the Knickerbocker Glory, a triflelike dish of ice cream, meringue balls, whipped cream, and raspberry gelatin, dragged the Jell-O parfait into the 21st century.

Tribune Tavern [East Bay]
401 13th Street, Oakland

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