There’s a rule that steam-table food is mediocre, but the vegetarian and vegan dishes at Culver City Indian place Samosa House (there are two locations) is an exception. And at Samosa House West, at 11510 W. Washington, there’s an unusual new addition to the regional menu: thalipeeth, a savory pancake from the western Indian state of Maharashtra. It’s rare in Los Angeles restaurants.

A thalipeeth “vaguely resembles a large, thin latke,” Moomin says on Chowhound. The dough is made from wheat flour, rice, ground lentils, roasted chickpeas, onions, and various spices. It’s fried, and at Samosa House it’s served with additional onions, chutney, and raita. You get two pancakes per order—Moomin says an order works well as a light meal. Just be sure you ask for the separate menu of regional specialties.

Samosa House [Westside – Inland]
11510 W. Washington Boulevard, Los Angeles

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Photo from Samosa House / Facebook

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