With the opening of The Olde Depot, a vegan pub next to Beer Revolution and within spitting distance of Souley Vegan, downtown Oakland is becoming a destination for those who abstain from animals, Pius Avocado III says on Chowhound. Commenters aren’t yet sold on Olde Depot’s vegan sausages, but self-described “on-and-off vegetarian” hungree says that the food at Souley Vegan (pictured) is good enough to keep carnivores interested. Other meat-free winners downtown are Golden Lotus and Shangri-La Vegan, where the food is organic.

Robert Lauriston looks to nonvegan restaurants that serve great vegan dishes, including vegetarian café and wine bar Encuentro, Cambodian Battambang, and many Ethiopian restaurants farther north on Telegraph Avenue.

The Olde Depot [East Bay]
468 Third Street, Oakland
No phone available

Souley Vegan [East Bay]
301 Broadway, Oakland

Golden Lotus [East Bay]
1301 Franklin Street, Oakland

Shangri-La Vegan [East Bay]
4001 Linden Street, Oakland

Encuentro [East Bay]
202 Second Street, Oakland

Battambang [East Bay]
850 Broadway, Oakland

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Photo from Souley Vegan

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