Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque opened late last year to promising but mixed reports from Chowhounds, who’ve been burned many times before by underachieving New York ‘cue. A few months later, the place is a runaway hit and ‘hounds have come around, embracing the Texas–North Carolina hybrid style that pitmaster Hugh Mangum calls Texalina.

Beef cuts are especially strong. Brisket is smoky and juicy with a great bark, kdgchow reports, and the beef rib is tender with a gratifying char, the equal of that at Hell’s Kitchen favorite Daisy May’s. The pulled pork, which had left howdini unimpressed in the restaurant’s early days, rebounded big-time within weeks, delivering “depth of flavor that just wasn’t there that first time, along with excellent juiciness.”

If ‘hounds have a beef with Mighty Quinn’s, it’s that the smoke flavors are more muted than some might prefer; kathryn approves of the high-quality meat but adds that the finished product isn’t as satisfyingly smoky as that at her current hangout, BrisketTown (which, by the way, just opened a seasonal rib-and-sandwich stand at the High Line). Overall, though, New Yorkers are on board. “I’ve eaten a lot of BBQ, so I’m fairly well versed in what is good and bad,” says Fallon, who’s spent time in ‘cue country from Kansas City to the Carolinas. “MQ’s is pretty good in its own right and is great relative to the local competition.”

Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque [East Village]
103 Second Avenue (at E. Sixth Street), Manhattan

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Mighty Quinn’s BBQ

Photo from Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque / Facebook

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