Meat is trending in Los Angeles, a fact that lends new luster to Cookin’ with Lenny’s Smokehouse. Hypnotic23 reports on Chowhound that the Chatsworth BBQ joint is smoking ribs and other ‘cue standards good enough to compete with the area’s best.

The chef behind the smoker is Lenny Bent, who earned his chops via years of production catering on movie locations around LA. Hypnotic23 likes the two kinds of ribs (whiskey-smoked and glazed with raspberry chipotle sauce, though both are good enough to eat naked, without sauce). Also noteworthy: smoked maple chicken and fresh salmon, paired with waffle fries and shredded-pork potato skins (other options for sides include chili and mac and cheese). “Pure perfection,” Hypnotic23 says.

If you like a cold beer with your ‘cue, bring your own (no extra charge for corkage, as it were). The staff will even bring you a frosty-cold mug, and the live entertainment could include Chef Lenny belting out a tune with the band.

Cookin’ with Lenny’s Smokehouse [San Fernando Valley]
23360 Lake Manor Drive, Chatsworth

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Photo from Cookin’ with Lenny’s Smokehouse / Facebook

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