Altadena lures weekend visitors with easy foothill access and a great ice cream shop, Bulgarini Gelato. But at least one Chowhound is thrilled that the area is finally home to a restaurant worthy of being called a destination: market-centric AltaEats (technically in Pasadena), the latest endeavor by Chef Paul Ragan.

“I had given up eating out in [the] area, but AltaEats is exciting,” momski says on Chowhound. The short menu skews small-plate. Must-try dishes include a scallop trio (seared, breaded with panko, and curried), a kale and quinoa salad (pictured), and chocolate mousse.

And even though AltaEats “wouldn’t be out of place on Melrose,” momski says neighborhood locals are embracing it as their own. Open six days a week for now, dinner only, and you’ll have to bring your own wine.

AltaEats [San Gabriel Valley]
1860 North Allen Ave
nue, Pasadena

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Photo from AltaEats / Facebook

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