Shanghai Dumpling King has long made San Francisco’s cool, foggy Outer Richmond neighborhood a destination for lovers of xiao long bao, the juicy, meatball-filled soup dumplings (pictured) well loved in the Bay Area. SDK’s Balboa Street location is perennially crowded with tourists and locals lining up for puffy, eggy Chinese donuts and at least one steamer basket of XLB per table. But Chowhound Glev82453 says Shanghai Dumpling King’s operations are moving to Monterey Boulevard in SF’s Sunnyside neighborhood while the original location undergoes renovations.

A sign posted on SDK’s door indicates that the new location will open as soon as Wednesday, April 17. It’s not clear whether the Monterey spot will stay open when the Balboa location reopens.

Meanwhile, if you’ve never been to Shanghai Dumpling King, jaiko has ordering tips for newbies: Get the lion’s head meatball, spicy wontons, and egg puffs—and don’t forget the XLB.

Shanghai Dumpling King [Sunnyside]
696 Monterey Boulevard, San Francisco
No phone number available yet

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Photo by Flickr member Gary Soup under Creative Commons

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