The Mission District’s Heirloom Café won a rave review (password protected) from Financial Times critic Nicholas Lander (whose wife, wine writer Jancis Robinson, gave the wine list a thumbs-up after spotting it in the restaurant’s window). Local Chowhounds debated whether the rave was justified.

Yes, absolutely, says one recent transplant to San Francisco. Chowhound jayporter moved to the city at the beginning of the year, and likes Heirloom Café for its hospitality, the food’s quality ingredients, and the fantastic wine offerings.

A lot of ‘hounds love the wine list assembled by Matt Straus, Heirloom’s owner and one of Food&Wine‘s top sommeliers of 2011. The list averages $13 per glass for newer wines, and all but one is available by the glass.

The list of older vintages available in the bottle is not posted on Heirloom’s website, but note that Straus’s love of aged wines extends to his corkage policy. Bring in your own bottle from 2003 or later and you pay $25 per bottle; bring an older vintage and it’s only $10.

Heirloom Café [Mission District]
2500 Folsom Street, San Francisco

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