Escarole is a leafy green in the chicory family that you can cook or eat raw in salads. To serve it hot, escondido123 says on Chowhound, sauté the leaves with garlic, braise them in chicken stock, or add them to a simple soup of chicken stock and noodles, topped with grated Parmesan.

For escarole salads, Gio prefers to use only the tender, pale inner leaves, on their own or mixed with other greens. The sturdier leaves stand up to something strong (Caesar dressing, say), or wilt them for a recipe like the CHOW Test Kitchen’s Warm Escarole and Mushroom Salad (pictured).

MGZ‘s spin on a warm salad involves cutting heads of escarole in half lengthwise and grilling them, cut-side down, for just a couple of minutes to caramelize the edges. Then they’re topped with garlicky vinaigrette or blue cheese dressing.

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